Fruit of the Tomb: A Midnight Louie Short Story


Fruit of the Tomb: A Midnight Louie Short
MIDNIGHT LOUIE is SAM SPADE . . . with hairballs.

In his twenty-four book series, the twenty-pound black feline PI narrates his own chapters about his investigations in an alley-cat Noir voice. Meanwhile, four human crime solvers–two pro, two amateur; two women and two men–solve murder most malicious in Las Vegas and unravel an international terrorism conspiracy that threatens all their lives and many more.

“Glitters and snaps like the town that inspired it.”–Nora Roberts, New York Times bestselling author

This mystical mystery cat has also had Past Life adventures. “Fruit of the Tomb” is a story set ancient Egypt, where a canny and courageous outcast black cat held the honorable position of Pharaoh’s Footstool and became the first Private Eye of Horus. Ancient evil-doers, touch not the cat.

“Among the many appealing felines on the mystery scene, Midnight Louie stands out as the coolest cat of all. You don’t have to be a cat lover to appreciate his savoir faire.”–RT Book Reviews

“Carole Nelson Douglas takes anthropomorphism to elegant heights as Midnight Louie, a tom who’s a private dick, harries Las Vegas malefactors.”–Publishers Weekly


  1. 10-10-2012

    I don’t have a Kindle and do not plan to get one. Can I get a hard copy of this book?

    Thank you.

    • 11-6-2012

      Hi, Jackie!

      We all can download free Kindle and Nook readers to our computers, and then print
      out the book or story to read. You need an account at or
      to buy and down the eBooks, but you don’t need to buy a reading device.

      I’ll have all the Midnight Louie, Irene Adler and Delilah Street shorter fiction in a
      single trade paperback anthology eventually, but first I need to convert them to eBook,
      so it’ll take a while. It’s a new option for writers and readers now: authors self-publishing
      their out of print books and new work. Some change of habit involved but much opportunity.

      Hope this helps,

      Carole and Louie

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